What You Should Know About Seamless Gutters

Protecting costly landscaping, help prevent erosion around your foundation, reduce wood rotting and even help the environment at your house all benefits of one often overlooked home improvement, seamless gutters.  Gutters are not good enough; seamless gutters are necessary, otherwise your gutters can cause as many problems as they tried to solve. 

Seamless gutters are the modern way to install a rain gutter system on your home.  In the “olden days” gutters came in 10’ sections of sheet steel and were installed with a long gutter spike, but today we have gutter machines that use a 380 pound, or larger, roll of aluminum to form custom made pieces of seamless gutter right at your home.  Without the caulked seem every 10’, using aluminum and screws with hidden hangers you have a semi-permanent improvement with, in most cases, a lifetime warranty on the material.  What an improvement from the rusty, leaky gutters from times past, and now we even use custom colors that match the trim of your house, so gutters look great as well.

Seamless gutters, for most houses, is a one-day job, so it’s a project that can be completed quickly and 100% outside of your home.  Given seamless gutters are installed with screws they should not pull loose from your house like in the “olden days”.  If you have trees near your property, then even seamless gutters will require cleaning/maintenance twice a year.  However, there are leaf guards available that will potentially eliminate the need for cleaning out your gutters.